Which Windows web host type that suitable for your business?

ASP.NET Hosting and Team Foundation Server

Before you decide to buy a type of windows hosting, try to understand your need first, like how many memory, disk quota and bandwith to keep your application run smoothly. Consider too whether you are prefer to share resources like bandwith, memory, and disk quota with others or not, or you need a single server that dedicated to run your application.

For some people they are not prefer to have shared hosting because of some reasons such as privacy, security, expecting more space for their business resources, and to keep their tasks in stable performance. So before you decide to buy shared hosting or VPS or even Dedicated Server Hosting you already have reasons why you choose it.

Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is low cost type hosting which allow more than one customer share bandwidth, disk space capacity and other network resources in single server. This type of server is suitable for personal blogs, small office, business and e-commerce sites. What you need to be considered is if there is other website hosted in the same server machine with your website and that website has programming logic that caused server heavy, then your website performance will be affected since you shared the same resources and machine with others.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
A Virtual Private Server is an upgrade of shared web hosting, it still have shared resources but each customer has a single virtual machine running for their web application, thereby itís giving the sites a more flexible platform with more space and resources to do a lot more than the sites on shared server. Since you have your own virtual machine for your application, then you can easily settings or install any specific addon that used by your application without affecting other customersí applications.

Dedicated Server Hosting
Dedicated server is a type of web hosting in which give you complete server for individual use. The server resources are not shared, in simple word you have single server machine for you only. You donít need to be afraid with server down because of others user fault. With dedicated server you will have full administrative access and full control over the server which give you ability to install or settings and modify applications server configuration. This server type is ideal for large organizations, high-traffic sites that have large amounts of traffic and high reliability.

All type of server hosting are good, itís all back to your business need. Happy choosing your web hosting type.